Chocolat Poster

Genre: Comedy Romance Drama
Director: Lasse Hallström

Rating: 63%
Year: 2000
Length: 2h 1m

Summary: A pious repressed village is awakened by a new visitor, offering forbidden treats and an open heart.

Main Actors: Juliette BinocheJohnny DeppJudi DenchAlfred MolinaCarrie-Anne MossLena Olin

Nice Bits

This delightful fable is fairly predictable, but it’s no less enjoyable for being so. It’s a wonderful story about losing one’s humanity by being too righteous, and how relaxing just a little bit can have unexpected benefits.

But that makes it sound dull and boring, like a dreary sermon from the church in the little village in this film. Juliette Binoche cheers things up with her gentle accepting attitude, never losing her warmth while all around her treat her with contempt.

Later on, Johnny Depp drops by, and adds his own calm relaxed charm.

It’s a joyful story of awakenings, and a reminder of the power of an open heart and a welcoming attitude. i.e. exactly what the Church preaches but so often doesn’t practise.

Make sure you bring a bar of fine chocolate when you watch this treat!

Nasty Bits

A short scene of a mob causing property damage.

Naughty Bits

Some nudity.

Cast and Crew:



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