Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure PosterGenre: Scifi Comedy Adventure
Director: Stephen Herek
Screenwriter: Chris MathesonEd Solomon

Rating: 82%
Length: 1h 30m

Summary: to pass their history class, two dim students travel back in time to kidnap famous people from history.

Main Actors: Keanu ReevesAlex WinterGeorge CarlinTony SteedmanDan ShorRobert V. Barron

Nice Bits

This film really shouldn’t work, but somehow, largely due to the relaxed and good natured lead characters of Bill and Ted, it does. I’m neither a rock and roll wannabe, nor a slacker, but I can’t resist this entertaining tale.

The sheer ignorance of the two leads is funny, and some of their lines are a riot. They’re almost constantly positive, despite not really understanding who they meet, and their enthusiasm is infectious! There are some great quotable lines here, too.

George Carlin, known for his comedy, plays it mainly straight here.

There are many fish out of water moments, which are milked to great comic affect. Some historical characters struggle when brought back to the present, but others dive right in and find modern times fascinating and full of possibilities!

That’s probably a lesson for all of us, but the overall affect is a delight. Keanu Reeves has seen much success since this film, but I’m not sure he’s ever had more fun on set.

Nasty Bits

Nothing to mention.

Cast and Crew: