Love Actually

Love Actually Poster

Genre: Comedy Romance
Director: Richard Curtis
Screenwriter: Richard Curtis

Rating: 63%
Year: 2003
Length: 2h 15m

Summary: An uplifting collection of love stories show contrasting results, coming together at the end.

Main Actors: Hugh GrantLiam NeesonEmma ThompsonAlan RickmanBill NighyRowan Atkinson

Nice Bits

This is a lovely ensemble film, and I can’t imagine why the critics didn’t like it. Perhaps it was too sweet, too optimistic and too in love with love for them? Either way, I always find it an utter joy to sit down and watch the varied couples doing their thing.

There’s so much to like, such as Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister, behaving in a very un PM like manner, and Bill Nighy stealing his every scene as an outrageous aging rocker with a good heart. Colin Firth plays a bumbler as usual with great effect.

Even Rowan Atkinson appear in a delightful little cameo.

Each couple in love has their own story, their own mood, their own challenges, and not all have happy endings. Still, the overall feeling is one of joy, of hope, celebrating the wonders of love in all its myriad forms. A real winner!

Nasty Bits

None that I can recall.

Naughty Bits

One couple are involved in the pornography industry, but their story is one of the sweetest of all. Another actor appears in the buff, but again, nothing below the belt is visible.

Cast and Crew: