The Gods Must be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy PosterGenre: Comedy Adventure Romance
Director: Jamie Uys
Screenwriter: Jamie Uys

Rating: 95%
Year: 1980
Length: 1h 49m

Summary: A Coke bottle drops from the sky in front of a Kalahari bushman, and it almost destroys his tribe.

Main Actors: Marius WeyersSandra PrinslooN!xauJamie Uys

Nice Bits

This is a hilarious comedy which gently pokes fun at our Western way of life, while contrasting it with how well the Kalahari bushmen live in harmony with nature. Strangely enough, it was accused of racism, which is hard to believe.

This film has two main stories, one about a quiet bushman dealing with the downside of an unexpected gift from the West, and another about a shy, bumbling scientist, who constantly embarrasses himself in front of a newly arrived female teacher.

At the same time, a laughable civil war rages between the government and rebel forces, luckily with neither side showing any competence with arms.

Gradually these threads come together, resulting in a delightful ending.

There’s so much humour here, often asking the question of who really is the civilised society, and who spends most of their time living a life they enjoy. It doesn’t preach, but gently contrasts the two, and the resulting humour is a delight.

The main thing that stays with me is the gentle dignity of the Kalahari bushman, whose sweetness carries this film. He’s the only character who comes off well throughout, even though from the story line, it really does appear that the Gods must be crazy.

Nasty Bits

There is a running sub plot involving incompetent rebels and government armies, but nothing realistic to upset the mood of this film.

Cast and Crew:



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