The Man Who Knew Too Little

Man Who knew too Little PosterGenre: Comedy
Director: Jon Amiel
Screenwriter: Robert FarrarHoward Franklin.

Rating: 42%
Year: 1997
Length: 1h 34m

Summary: A man treated to a theatrical improv evening in the streets of London gets caught up with real spies.

Main Actors:Bill MurrayPeter GallagherJoanne WhalleyAlfred Molina

Nice Bits

This is another one the critics couldn’t quite figure out. To me, it’s one more comedy master class from Bill Murray. Every scene he’s in, every gesture he makes is a delight!

The story itself is simple enough, but provides great fodder for BM’s talent. He’s frequently caught up in deadly situations, but treats them all like a game. His opponents think he’s a man of steel, and give him far more credit than he deserves.

His amateur efforts come back to haunt his brother, who set up the whole theatrical experience just to get him out of the house during a crucial business meeting. As events unfold, business worries become the least of his concerns.

On top of that, the delectable Joanne Whalley plays a damsel in distress, who can’t quite figure out if her unlikely benefactor is a talented hero or just a lucky schmo.

Some of the scenes of BM as an American tourist in London are just hilarious.

If you’re a Bill Murray fan, don’t miss it!

Nasty Bits

A few deaths, some torture, but nothing hard to watch.

Naughty Bits

Some sexual references.

Cast and Crew:



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