Don Juan DeMarco

Don Juan DeMarco PosterGenre: Romance Comedy Drama Fantasy
Director: Jeremy Leven
Screenwriter: Jeremy Leven

Rating: 74%
Year: 1994
Length: 1h 30m

Summary: A young man is convinced he is the legendary lover Don Juan, so a psychologist has to talk him out of it. Instead, he starts believing that he might be right.

Main Actors: Marlon BrandoJohnny DeppFaye DunawayMarita Geraghty

Nice Bits

This is a real treat for lovers of all kinds. Johnny Depp plays the lead with such conviction that it’s hard to believe he’s not Don Juan. The woman around him are convinced, and he treats them all with such reverence and honour. No wonder they respond!

It’s an delight seeing him inhabit this role, and watch Marlon Brando try to talk him out of it, with the greatest of respect. It’s also deeply moving to see how Johnny Depp’s attitude to women rubs off on Brando, who takes it home to rejuvenate his stale marriage.

Some elements of the story are definitely fantasy, but at its heart, there’s a lot we men can learn about how to treat a woman. Depp adores them with such conviction that they cannot resist his love. While that might be a bit hard to achieve in real life, it’s amazing how effective honest appreciation and attention can be, for all of us!

There is gentle humour throughout the film, to add to the joy of experiencing it. Overall, this is an under appreciated treasure, and I’m surprised how few people know of it. Even many critics fail to see its charm, although I can’t see why. It’s a non stop delight.

Watch it and decide for yourself. Even better, watch it with your partner.

Nasty Bits

A sword fighting duel gets a little nasty, but not over the top.

Naughty Bits

There are a few short scenes of sexual activity now and then, but all done with great taste.

Cast and Crew:



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